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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes I wonder....

Moonset 8/25/2010 6:32am PST

Sometimes I wonder what everyone else is currently doing. Are they busy creating a lot of new and exciting items for their Etsy shops? Are they on vacation?

Perhaps they're getting into the scheme of things, preparing for the school year to come, or the Fall season that approaches us very soon.

Either way, as the summer winds down, when the skies start to darken earlier in the evening, and the sun rises later in the morning, I can smell the changing of the seasons in the air.
I love the way the sun rides in the sky this time of year, and what it does to me artistically, is to spur my creative energy and fire up my hands to start working on new projects.
And then I start to wonder, does anyone else experience these feelings?

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