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Friday, August 7, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Sizzlin' Summer Challenge Winner: Lu's Mystic Jewels

Welcome... To The Land of Lu

Sizzlin' Copper Crocheted Tubular Bracelet


Introducing Lu, of Lu’s Mystic Jewels:

Lu brings to Etsy, her extraordinary and distinct jewelry from her studio in Menasha, Wisconsin. Lu has been a member of Etsy since June 2008.
Lu opened her eyes and mind to creativity back when she was a child. Born on the 6th of November, Lu is a very solid Scorpio, with a strong creative imagination. She is empathetic, intuitive, and loving; with a solid determination to get things done right.
Lu is a Reiki practioner, and uses it for energy transferring and clearing with her stones.
(A Reiki practitioner is anyone who is trained and attuned to be a conduit to run the energy through their body to another, for healing purposes, and related uses.)
Lu enjoys creating designs straight from her heart and endeavors to design styles that are new and innovative, and especially ones that have not yet been seen before. Because of this talent Lu enjoys making custom orders.

The interview:
Lu, how long have you been making jewelry, and what originally got you started?

I have been crafting since I was 8 years old, and have been making jewelry for 15 years now. I was looking for some craft that would use all my creativity. I know how to knit, crochet, sew, basket weave, and do cross stitch.

I also create ceramic and pottery art, with experience in throwing on a wheel and slab work. Eventually, when I get a kiln, I want to work with silver and copper clay and then fused glass. With jewelry making, I can incorporate all these crafts together, into a mixed media.
Do you have a favorite medium to work with? Why is it your favorite?

I really love working with stones, and love the healing properties they have. I do clear all my stones, usually on a full moon, and then pass that energy on to my jewelry. When selecting my stones I will look at the healing properties and then put them together. Sometimes when I go shopping for beads the stones call out to me and I have to have them.

With wire, I like the ability to transform it into any shape I want.

Dragon Fly Nights

What life lesson has your expertise in your art/craft taught you?

The Life Lesson that my art has taught me, is that this is what I was borne to do. I love to create, and to share my creativity with others.
In the past, I have worked with underprivileged girls, in an afterschool program teaching them to make jewelry, and I plan to continue by seeking grant funding for a nonprofit organization that goes into hospitals and teaches the children that are confined in the pediatric wards, to make jewelry and how to access their creativity and thus aid in their own healing. I really love teaching others. In fact, I just started teaching my granddaughter Diviana, 4, how to bead.

Have you had formal training in your craft? If so, do you continue education?

Mostly, with jewelry, I am self taught. I have had a few classes at bead shops and have taken some classes at a technical school. There is always room for improvement and I love learning new techniques.

Red Red Wine Anklet

Do you keep a journal or a sketchbook?

No, but if I really think of something special, I will sketch it out. Mostly when I have an idea, I just start creating it.

What inspires you, Lu?

Well, what took me on this path of selling jewelry was my fiancée, AJ, who passed away in 2002. I would make the jewelry and he would sell it. After he passed, I had to do it all; make the jewelry, set it up and sell it. I still feel him around me, encouraging me to continue.

This might sound crazy but what inspires me the most is to go shopping for beads, which is why my inventory level never goes down.

Do you use any household items that work just as well if not better that the actual tools?

When I am working with wire, I will use anything that fits the shape that I need at the time. I will utilize crochet hooks, pens, dowels and even pill bottles.
flower ring

When you are creating what do you listen to? Music? TV? Silence?

No silence. Smiling, she admits: Even though silence is golden, I usually have the TV on, or music playing.
Citrus Champagne

What do you do on a Saturday Night?

Well, if I am not out with the girls; I am usually spending time with my granddaughter, Diviana.

Do you believe in goals? If so what is your next goal?

Absolutely! I always have. I must have got this from my Grandma Meta. My Future goals? As a matter of fact, I have a few new goals on my plate right now. I am going back to school, I want to start a nonprofit organization, and I want to learn more techniques with my jewelry. My plate is always full, but that is how I work the best. Here, in eJAG, as a group, we plan to have a fund raiser for children’s Diabetes.
If you had a “Bucket List” what would you like to cross off of it?

I have a few on my list, and mostly all to do with traveling. I want to see an ocean. I want to travel to Sedona, Arizona, to Ireland and to Brazil.

Pacific Shores, SF, Cal - Cairns vortex, Sedona - Killarney Nat'l Park Ire. - Iracema Beach Brazil

What is your choice of theme for eJAG’s Fall ‘09 Season’s Creative challenge?
“Autumn Abundance”

  • Consider this is our first announcement for eJAG’s Fall ’09 Challenge: "Autumn Abundance"

Lu, It has been my pleasure to feature you as the Winner of eJAG’s “Sizzlin’ Summer” Challenge!
Thank you so much, Lu.

Lu’s Etsy shop Lusmysticjewels is currently teeming with special Summer sales, including:
Spectacular multi-purchase deals like Buy 1, get 2nd ½ off, and even some Buy 2, get 3rd for free! Some items even have free shipping.

Lu is also a member of another team: WIST team (Wisconsin Street team)
Lu Twitters: tweet her:
Lu’s Blog: Lu's Mystic Blog
Sweet Diviana

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